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Producer/Line Producer

Teresa took over the management of Penny Lane Film at its founding in 2005, but later increasingly worked as script editor, assistant director and executive producer.


Since then, she also works as producer, both for creative and commercial projects, including for the feature film “La Vie Nous Appartient”, which will be released in France in Spring 2016. Her main focus as producer is on the organizational and managerial challenges, as well as the financial and legal aspects of production, including the securing of funds.






Marco is a graduate of the American Film Institute (AFI). There he gained his first international experience as an assistant for Robert Brinkmann's film "Cable Guy" (Director: Ben Stiller) and soon after as camera operator for the film "Independence Day".

He has contributed to more than 300 worldwide productions as DOP, director, producer and author of many Cinema Documentaries, Commercials, Music-Videos, Feature Films & TV Series; many of them award winners (Goldene Venus TV, Silberne Venus Cinema, Diagonale - Shorts on screen, Chicago Silver Plague Award, Best Film Saratov Film Festival and many more).


General Manager

Kwangmin Rhee was born as the son of Korean immigrants in Vienna. After completing his studies in the US with a Masters in international business, he initially worked in the field, but always continued to pursue his passion for creative writing.


In 2003, he enrolled at film school in Vienna and later attended workshops abroad. In 2005, he founded Penny Lane Film and has since been working effortlessly to find a balance between creative projects and commissioned work.


He also works as independent scriptwriter and director.

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