short film
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marion jantsch, jorge bosicovich, jörg mitgutsch & katharina strohmayer

produced by penny lane film

cinematography by marco f. zimprich, aac

original score by lucio bruno videla

written and directed by alex k. lee

"We can do this again, if you want to. And then again and again. I have all the patience and time of the world."

A young woman wanders through deserted streets where she is attacked and killed. When she awakens, the killer turns out to be her long standing boyfriend Joaquin. He leads her to the dance floor, and she is happy to be back in her old life. However, it turns out that the nightmare never stopped. Joaquin leaves her, and when she tries to follow him, she is attacked by an unknown man who emerges out of the shadows. She manages to escape him, hiding behind a protective wall he cannot penetrate, but this wall turns out to be both a blessing and a curse: Joaquin is seduced by another woman right in front of her eyes. When Elena re-awakes, she finds herself at the beginning, watching Joaquin commit the murder once more. The mysterious stranger emerges out of the shadows once more and gives her the choice - breaking the circle and leaving, or staying alive and being forced to re-live the final stages of her life for all eternity.

nominated for best cinematography at the grand off european film awards.