little world

short film
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Little World
andrea otto, felicitas Lukas, marion rottenhofer, luca solbiati, wilhelm iben, alf pojer

produced by
teresa heller and angelo d'agostino

cinematography by marco f. zimprich, aac

written and directed by
marco f. zimprich, aac

Sebastian suffers from a serious illness; he is lonely and hardly has any friends. When Sebastian finds an old record player in the attic, he decides to visit a vintage record store. However, instead of the vinyls his interest rather falls on the pretty girl at the counter, Alexandra.

Sebastian visits the record store daily and Alexandra carefully packs his records. She leaves short messages in the packages, but Sebastian never unwraps them at home. To Alexandra’s disappointment, Sebastian suddenly no longer appears in the record shop.

Finally, Alexandra finds his telephone number and decides to call.