la vie nous appartient

90' feature
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La Vie Nous Appartient
Alix bénézech and Florent arnoult

produced by
teresa heller and angelo d'agostino

cinematography by
marco f. zimprich, aac

written and directed by
alex k. lee

"It's not going to go away. Ever. You will go home, and you will feel miserable for the rest of your life. Nothing is going to change. Because, in the end, you are nothing but deluded chicken shit!

“La Vie Nous Appartient” is a psychological drama about two students, Sarah and Philip, who after meeting online develop a tragic plan to end their lives. The two decide to meet in person and hike into the mountains where they will end it all.

We follow them on their journey as they begin to recount each other’s stories, and discover that their thoughts and struggles may not be as morbid or unique as they had thought.

Filmed among the rocky hills and forests of Lower Austria, “La Vie Nous Appartient” is a probing, but also lighthearted film. Through an up-close view of two individuals it looks into enduring issues about family, depression and fulfillment while also touching upon the intrinsic issues of growing up in the modern world.

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