coke, champagne & cigarettes

90' feature
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Vladimir Burlakov, Henrike von Kuick, Lucie Aron, Florian Bartholomäi, Jacob Matschenz, Pit Bukowski, Katharina Sporrer, Maximilian Klas

produced by
Angelo D’Agostino, Jessica Landt, Laura Tille

Executive producer
Paul Gillingwater

cinematography by
Matthias Halibrand

written and directed by
mariana jukica

"Maybe they can. Maybe they like it. But I’m over it. Moving on to bigger and better.

At age 27, MIA is forced to abandon her hopes and dreams at a dance career, as well as her toxic relationship while alone in a foreign city. KEKS, 29, is a German local DJ who is afraid to settle down with her boyfriend, finally getting closer to realizing her dream. IAN, 30, a narcissistic ‘video-performance-artist’ is for the first time in his life being turned down, and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. Over the course of one long Berlin night, these three storylines weave into one another, unfolding veil after veil the complex personalities of a generation each seeking their own happiness while at the same time pushing that very thing away.

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